Fine Art Cards and Prints for Women of the Black Diaspora

Reimagining-reinterpet an event, work of art,to imagine again or anew, to form a mental image of something or to believe the unreal is real. All you need is a crayon and some blank paper to express your imagination.

All you need is Blacartistry.

A little bit of art can make your day, or someone else’s! Blacartistry art cards come in various sizes with different designs, so you can keep them all or give some away and make someone happy. You can frame my art cards too, especially in a collage that’s sized just right, and make a mini-gallery.

Using a mix of AI technology, digital art, digital collage, paint, collage and fashion illustration, my cards document the story of African American life, history, and culture through the Black woman. Each card shows the beauty, diversity, optimism, spirituality, joy, strength, and magic of the Black woman. The inside of my cards are left blank for the giver to fill it with words of inspiration, hope, and love for the recipient.

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